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Haunting Statues From Around the World

1) David Cerny Sculptures from Czech Republic

2) The Cloaks of Conscience can be found in Austria, Greece, Italy, Czech Rep, and Austria.

3) Statues of Indian Sculpture Park at Victoria’s Way made in India, located in Ireland.

4) Transi De Rene De Chalon in France

5) Virgin Mother in New York




Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova’s surrealist series using real animals; with the help of professional trainers.

Where these brave lil bitches at when I have a spider in my house.

If there was a ever a perfect photo set to ever grace tumblr.

This is it.

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Adrian Ghenie

1. Untitled

2. The Swimming Pool

3. Timeless Railway Station

4. Basement Feeling

5. It Could Be Anywhere

6. The Nightmare

7. Fragile


9. In the Middle of the Night

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